Had a dream about the second coming of Jesus, what does this mean?

Asked: Had a dream about the second coming of Jesus, what does this mean?

I have a question? Twonights ago, i had a dream about Jesus's return, he gathered us all up and walked us up too hill and into a cathedral like cabin. Inside of it, it appeared to be a wood planked room with a large table in the middle; kind of like the last supper type of table. My question is, during the time we were waiting for others to arrive, I asked him questions such as "was everything I thought was going to happen, coming to pass?"
and he answered jokingly "Well its obvious, is it not?" and my wife looked at him and said, "So my husband was really psychic?" and Jesus said, "well, I dont know about that, more like a messenger to help others to believe in the word of thy Father."
Not sure if you ever had a dream like this but it seemed like Jesus was very laid back and forgiving, even though i have sinned, he excepted my family and I to be brought back to heaven. One guy sitting next ot me at the table made a joke about sticking around to see what is actually going to happen. Jesus said to him with a smile, "Trust me, you dont want to stick around to see what happens, its not going to be pretty."
Also I have a toe nail that always gets infected and puts me in dyer pain, so Jesus walks up to me and puts his toe on mine and presses on it, so I get painfully psyched, he then looks at me and says dont worry ill fix that. So as his toe is on my toe it instantly heals my toenail.
Anyway what do you think this dream means????? I am using my wife's account by the way. So please don't refer to me as Jess lol.


tl;dr, jess.
Truth is here!
It was just a dream, and go to the doctor about that toe, man.
I think that's amazing but lots of other people claimed they have these visions so who knows.
I had a dream i kissed a girl who turned into a lizard.swtf
It means the same thing as having a dream about the second coming of Santa Claus.
It means it was a DREAM.
It means you were asleep.
That means things are beyond your control.Work hard to get everything in your control.
R u a day dreamer?
Don't come with such stupid statements.
Dreams are just dreams, they don't mean anything. Though they may tell you something about yourself, like something you even try to hide from yourself.

I had a dream I died and kept switching between fighting with angels or with demons. I had to choose a side but to me each side were pretty much the same. Each were just as immoral and only focused on killing the other side……..What do you suppose THAT meant?

Dreams are not reality.They are not real.Now turn over and stop snoring.
This is really interesting, maybe he is showing you that you will be raptured when all starts going down hill! I guess Jesus would be a very forgiving person haha! I think take this dream very seriously and thank God for it, as it could almost be a warning that the end time is soon in our lifetime and you will be saved, maybe since you know this you can helped others be saved before its to late? I am interested to know how your toe is feeling! if it is really healed then that was Jesus no doubt.
It means that your christian brainwashing is complete.

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