Ten points best answer! What zodiac signs would you match with the Twilight characters?

Stephy B Asked: Ten points best answer! What zodiac signs would you match with the Twilight characters?

Don't worry, I am not a Twilight fan but I used to be. Since I've gotten interested in astrology, I've wondered which zodiac signs fit the Cullens. I know for a fact that Bella is a Virgo and Edward is a Picses, but what about all the others? Alice has an ability to see the future (Picses because they are considered 'psychic'?); Esme and Rosalie are good mother figures (Cancers?); I could see Emmett as a Leo or Aries because he is so competitive; Jasper is mysterious and quiet which reminds me of a Scorpio; I'm unsure of Carlisle. He could possibly be an Aquarius.

Please, tell me what you think!


Baron Otto Matic Answered:
As always, the best use for astrology is on fictional characters. They can never say you are wrong. That is what I think.
Bree Answered:
Meh it's all good, I think Twilight is not the best thing in the world,but it gets a bad wrap and I've read worse novel series. I'm not one for vilifying something just because everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon.

Bella – Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon
Edward – Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon
I think he's officially a Gemini but Taurus suits him so, so much better. Where did you read he's a Pisces O_o I read Meyer made him born in May some time. I forgot though the actual date.
Esme – Cancer Sun Gemini Moon…..Cancer, definitely ^_^)b

Carlisle – Aquarius Sun/ Capricorn Moon Capricorn? I'm not too sure :/ he could possibly be a Pisces too or an Aqua you're right.
Rosalie – Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon because she's ferocious
Emmett -Cancer/ Leo Sun Aries Moon Ummm he does seem like an Aries but for the sake of making him compatible with Rosalie and since he's close to Edward I'll say he's an Cancer/Leo cusp
Alice – Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Libra? she's chirpy and lively
Jasper – Aquarius sun Pisces moon or Cuspian.

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