I need to figure out what this dream means, and am I psychic? Help!?

Scarlet Asked: I need to figure out what this dream means, and am I psychic? Help!?

I had this dream. Well, like a series of dreams in one night. I know it might sound weird, and confusing, but dreams are suppose to be that way, right? Anyways..

First, I was in this building. This girl and I were crawling through halls and trying to be sneaky and quiet. I remember her having dirty blond hair, and she was wearing a pink shirt, and a long skirt. I've never seen her before in my whole life. But somehow, I picked up her name being "Madison".
We crawled, and sneaked up to room with no door, but just opened, ya know? And there were cops sitting on chairs with a table. We crawled passed them, and that's all I remember.

The second dream had Madison and I in this place that looked similar to Baton Rouge, LA. There were tiled sidewalks, and a giant water fountain. This is where I met Madison's brother. I hugged him, and it skipped to a scene where we were sitting on a bench and talking to each other. Madison's brother had brown hair, and electric hazel-blue eyes. It felt like I've known him all my life. He instantly became my best friend in the dream.

The third part of the dream was set in the future. Madison's brother, me, and our children were driving in a car. We stopped at a red light. On the left were woods.. trees and stuff. And on the right was a green meadow with beautiful houses. And we were singing to the radio. I have never heard this song before, but it goes like this.. "It's three, now it's four AM, and I'm drowning in your voice."
And that was the end of the dream.

So.. that was 2 years ago.

A few months after the dream, I met two people. A girl named Madison, and her brother. Is this a coincidence, or am I a psychic of some sort? What does this dream mean?

I've had other dreams that have predicted the future in some way.

Madison's brother and I are dating, and have been dating for a year, and a few months now. He is my best friend, and I can always count on him, and talk to him about anything.


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