Lorraine Dougan Asked: psychic/pre-cognition?

okay so i'm really freaked out about this, over the past few years i've been having these weird moments, something will pop into my mind or i'll guess something and it'll happen shortly after i'm thinking it e.g an specific scene/line from an episode of friends popped into my mind and about 20 minutes later i channel flicked to see that the episode was just coming on.

i'm good at guessing things also, like this morning someone tweeted me, as i get them sent to my cell phone i get a little bell sound whenever i receive a reply, i blurted out a name, walked through to get my phone and discovered that the name i had blurted out had replied to me.

i feel like i'm going insane, i told my mother and she's just putting it down to tv but i'm being deadly serious does anyone have any more information about this i would really appreciate it


Troll Riot Answered:
no. you will die a painful lonely death full of drippy sores and scabby wounds for your sin.

There eating herThen there going to eat me Answered:
call me at 1-800-Psychic its $10,000,000,000 for the first minute and $50,000,000,000 for each additional minute

Jack Answered:
With what are you trying to get away?

Do you think you did something wrong and hope not to get caught?

Nobody cares about whether or not you passed.All they care about is whether or not you pay for the class.

Anyway, check your school's rules.They have a handbook.Some instructors might check.But most do not.Some systems are automated.If you cleared the system, then you cleared.

I am a real psychic.I can prove it.The other psychics can verify it.

Nah…not a psychic.Psychics do not exist.But it is fun to make-believe from time to time.

What I told you is just as legitimate as if a psychic had told you.

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