What does it mean to have a birthmark in the shape of a 666 on top of other strange things happening

Ebuis Asked: What does it mean to have a birthmark in the shape of a 666 on top of other strange things happening

Well first off I must say Im not to religious at all but I have had a lot of strange things happen to me over the last few years which I will list below:

I have random moments when energy or something seems to focus in the circle on forehead; I dont think it is medical related since the shape and how it always seems to focus there.

Another thing I have had is strange birthmarks appearing and disappearing, recently I had a line one under into a ball partially vanish into commas or sixes depending how you look at it and slowly disappear. Only two are showing now and I have shown others it and they say they see two people in it with a fire in-between them.

This is where it gets more messed up. Lately over the past few years I have being seeing shadows (sometimes in the light for a few minutes at times) lingering around me and mostly after seeing one I have a messed up a dream where I get told to do stuff like read several books (The tactics of war, The faces of the antichrist and weapons of world war 3). There is more it seems to being pounded in and in over and over.

Besides this the church I was in baptized in burned down after I moved out of the town, lighting struck it. Then on top of that I had a metal cross snap in my hands and when holding a bible get a burning sensation.

Furthermore, it seems like anyway that gets too close to me gets hurt in some odd way as well as people the tick me off.

This got me curious in the paranormal so I looked into psychics and asked them to read me, they would all say something on the lines of a demon, mostly Satan or Beelzebub. Also I looked into something called the bible code where my full name came up with the beast from the sea, but again Im pretty sure the bible code isnt real but given all this other stuff it does cause me to think.

There is a lot so and Im pretty sure Im not remembering it all; it is becoming so common that I take it off as normal.
My parents have already taken me to a psychologist and I came out normal and sane so nothing is wrong with me mentally. I dont do any drugs or drink I find it to be stupid to do so. So overall I have nothing that should be causing these things to happen yet they happen all the time.

Im actually being pretty serious about this as unfortunate as that might be. Hopefully it doesnt mean anything but in such matter I like to get the vast opinion of others so what do you think of this? I would enjoy mature answers instead of the childishness commonly seen on here; Im really starting to wonder about this.
Furthermore I will delete this question Im only looking for advice.


fish boy Answered:
This definitely means you should listen to Tyler, the Creator and OFWGKTA. Trip six crew.

Matt Answered:
Personally, I'm really into this kindve stuff. And to me, it sounds like the devil wants something from you.. Either you a) worshiped him at one point, asking for something. Or b) you did something that had dealt with him. I don't know if that's the case, but it sounds like it to me. & if it's true, in any particular way, then you do know that after asking, worshipping, or bringing the devil up in some odd mysterious way, he's going to want something from you. Something to do with hurting someone, killing something, worshipping him some more, or as you mentioned before, making you become something that leads us into world war 3 or to the Antichrist. And if not those, then something more evil and bad. And during this, the longer you don't give him what he wants, the more your going to experience this sorta phenomina (however you spell it). And in the end, it will get so bad, or intense, that your not going to be able to take it anymore. And you might do something crazy. I know you said your not that religious, because neither am I, but I highly suggest you go to a preist (if you don't want this to continue) and maybe see if you can get an excorsist, and try to save you.. I don't know if what I'm saying is right, but that's just what I'm really thinking right now.. I suggest you do that or possibly do some more research. Well for whatever happens, good luck.. May god be with you.. & I hope I helped.

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