Psychics or dream interpreters – what does dreaming about a flood mean? (short)?

LeiLeo Asked: Psychics or dream interpreters – what does dreaming about a flood mean? (short)?

Psychics or dream interpreters – what does dreaming about a flood mean? (short)?
My boyfriend and I have a very loving but sometimes rather intense relationship.Yesterday we had an argument and although we made up afterwards I think he was still hurting. Anyway for the first time I had a dream about a large body of water.

I was walking with him through a remote rice field near his old house in China and suddenly the sky went dark and a huge storm appeared and the ground flooded within seconds. We were about to drown. He grabbed me and we hid in a rather stupid place (bottom of a valley with a metal sheet over our heads wtf lol) but after a minute the flood subsided and we were unharmed. Then in the dream I started crying out of relief and told him I loved him and kissed him all over his face for ages…haha. It was very intense and the funny thing is it was a full moon yesterday, I tend to have incredibly vivid dreams during these times.

Can you please explain what it could symbolise?


leowin1948 Answered:
Flood normally means money .You will become rich.
In the case of love -flood means intense initial relationship.Just like flood it will be over in short time.It will not have much impact in future life.

sophina luitel Answered:
i think u sgould show to some witchdocter

Super Sean Answered:
Sounds like a need for safety…..which makes sense considering what you said about having an argument.

You were both taking shelter from the storm and were able to get through it unharmed.

Food in dreams can mean a lot of things, among which is the need for safety cause (see Freud's Oral Stage development).

gul Answered:
U are flooded by emotions.U are feeling acute insecurity, fear of failure, depression, frustration and no way to decide for ur future

ponylover Answered:
i beleive dreams are best interpereted by yourself or someone who knows you very well but i can help you 🙂
i see that the flood of water would represent theflood of emotions and drama that you had in your argument. finding the shelter represents how you help each other recover from the argument bringing you closer together.

John Smith Answered:
Water in a dream usually represents feelings of uncertainty or negative emotions.The flood is probably reflecting the overwhelming force of these emotions from your fight.

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