I have an evil spirit around me?

Tariq F Asked: I have an evil spirit around me?

There have been this tapping in my house only I really notice it but its directed to me and in a way I feel threatened and this tapping is not normal I have had supernatural experiences in the past but this one seem to be more attached the experiences I had are usually one minute ones maybe a hey or this one time a creppy girl that's similar to the grudge (in looks) but also I have been seeing lady's in black cloak like long black blusish dress and there's a spirit I call the hey guy but they seem to be the same just about now the spirit said tyriq don't do it but I have a feeling its the lady I'm 13 and I won't to get rid of it for GOOD and its been with me for almost two years I won't to make it never even think about my name and it growled at me once I have dreams about this and its going to give me H*all tonight its gon threatened me and maybe even push me across my little capacity for fear when I think about it seems demonic or connected to the devil or just plain evil and it smiled when I tremble in fear I know I'm psychic because I wouldn't be in this sometimes it does seem as if all my supernatural experiences are from the spirit even when I was young.and these little instinctive voices in my head sometimes I feel are the spirit but these voices guide me but I believe its the spirit trying trick me and I feel I'm pure in heart because if I'm lustful like masturbating my dreams don't come like if I'm commiting a sin I don't dream and can spirits influence your mind and dream and u. feel I was meant for God making me smile now and I feelI had a dream about me getting hell from it before I defeat it and when I defeat it it returns for a rematch and there's another spirit or same with a white mask or face with red eyes it seems its the spirits demonic transformation or a different one because this spirit is more aggressive but for some reason there is as if there was two energies maybe a trick but the same spirit how to defeat it and get closer with christ


Hope is certainty Ross Answered:
They only have the power you think they have, which is none. God has all the power.
cat nipples Answered:
this is your brain on drugs
Erikous Answered:
No you don't. Just go see a doctor or go to the hospital.

I have an evil wampa stompa around me!!!

Chris Answered:
Demons always want to destroy your life.And only Jesus can drive them away.So ask Jesus to drive them away, and He will!

Jesus loves you, ask Jesus to help you and bless you! He will! Jesus will take you to heaven, if you believe in Jesus Christ to take you to heaven, that easy! Jesus forgives all sins of all kinds past and future, when you believe in Jesus Christ to take you to heaven!

Believing in Jesus Christ to take you to heaven, means going to heaven and never going to hell.

Death leads to heaven or hell, depending only on whether you believed in Jesus Christ to save you, or not. It is too late to be saved, after death.

Jesus is the meaning of life, the only source of true fulfillment and satisfaction!

Jesus Christ is God, Jesus loves you and He died for our sins, and rose again. Jesus paid for our sins, and nothing else pays for our sins, not works or deeds or religion or anything. When you believe in Jesus to save you, then you are forgiven all sins! So to be in heaven, believe in Jesus Christ to take you to heaven, and He will! Ask Jesus to come into your life

Pray this: "Jesus, I believe in You, and I ask You to have me in heaven when I die. I believe that You died for my sins, and you rose from the dead. Thank You, Jesus, for giving me eternity in heaven with You!"

Go to a church that teaches the Bible, like evangelical or Baptist. To find one, put your zip code in this search engine:http://www.sbc.net/churchsearch/default.

Salubrious Solitaire Answered:
I don't know about close to Christ. But the Spellbinding Sisters have helped people with situations concerning ghosts or people who think that they might be cursed or have a demon after them.spellbindingsisters.com
Theron Q Ramacharaka Panchadasi Answered:
It is possible that you may have one or more spirits that are around you.It is possible that they may intend you harm.

You might be able to get them away from you if you command them to leave you and not return in the name of Jesus Christ.You may have to do this repeatedly. You might not believe in Christ, but they do, and they will respond to that name.

If you believe in God, and/or if you believe in Jesus Christ, ask him to make the spirits leave.Ask him for his protection.You may have to do this repeatedly.

If this does not help.Please contact me via email and I will see what other help could be offered.

Theophilous Answered:
"I know I'm psychic"
Yep.That how it starts.You begin believing in that sh-t, and the next thing you know the demons rule your life.

"these voices guide me"
So, you think you have evil spirits, but you LET "voices" guide you?How freakin' stupid is THAT?!?!?You know you've got evil spirits, and YOU LISTEN TO THEM.Just plain f—ing dumb!

"feel I was meant for God"
Well, at least you got SOMETHING right.But why aren't you paying attention to THAT, instead of inviting evil spirits into your life with all this "psychic" sh-t?

"it does seem as if all my supernatural experiences are from the spirit"
Not from the HOLY SPIRIT they aren't!

You are in BIG TROUBLE, You have let SATAN into your life by believing in those things, like psychics, that GOD SAYS ARE EVIL. God believes in them too, and He KNOWS what they are and where they come from.,THAT is why He says you MUST NOT use psychics, and certainly not think that you yourself are one!

There are NO PSYCHIC POWERS!What you "feel" are LIES FROM THE DEVIL.HE puts those thoughts into your mind, and tells you they are good.And when you ACCEPT THEM, then Satan is free to enter.

GET TO A CHURCH NOW.Tell them what you;ve done, and ask them to help you.It may take MONTHS for the demons to go away, and they will put up a HARD fight, because Satan will tell you, "Jesus is a lie!There is no Jesus!There is no God!All religion is false.Use your psychic power to see!"

ALL LIES!Lies that YOU listen to, coming from voices controlled by Satan.

GET TO A CHURCH NOW, while you still have a soul to give to Jesus.

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