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Psychic detectives

Psychic detectives

Psychic Detectives – Unsolved Mysteries? Reputable Claims?

Psychic detectives A topic that immediately raises controversy and debate. Psychic investigation by Psychic detectives has been in the news a lot in recent years. Some people believe 100% in the ability of Psychic detectives to provide clues and insights into unsolved mysteries. Others think its all wishful thinking. Nothing useful has ever been done by a Psychic detective to solve a real life mystery. They think the claims are fiction.

What’s your belief? We shall explore this whole question of Psychic detectives and their skills and abilities in a lot more detail.

Who Are Psychic Detectives ?

A Psychic detective is someone that uses their Psychic abilities to investigate crime.  Often they are murder cases. The abilities used include a Psychics perception of the past sometimes called ‘post cognition’, the use of objects as a source of Psychic energy, sometimes called ‘psychometry’.

Psychic detectives also use telepathy as a way to gain insight into a set of circumstances.  Psychic detectives who are also mediums will investigate the possibility of making a connection with the spirit of a murder victim. Others make use of esp (extrasensory perception) to gain insight and ‘get a bell to ring’ in finding new clues.

Psychic detectives are not uncommon in the fictional field. However some people question if Psychic detectives are reputable in real-life cases.

How Do Psychic Detectives Work?

The real problem for skeptics is that if they do not understand the the true nature of how a Psychic detective works. They have difficulty reconciling the claims, with what they perceive to be known logical facts.

Psychics work by connecting at a deeper level, by what can be described as the sixth sense.  People who don’t have access to the sixth sense, who can’t see it, find it difficult to understand the whole concept of Psychics, Psychic prediction and Psychic detectives.

It remains a fact that certain gifted Psychics and Psychic detectives are often able with uncanny accuracy, to shadow events and have knowledge of particular cases that is only available to the police.  If there was no Psychic ability then how would this be possible? How could the information be received?

Gifted Psychics

Nancy Weber is quite a gifted Psychic who is known to have assisted police Departments when investigating some brutal yet frustrating cases, where it has been difficult to make progress.  The results reported have often been amazing.

Nancy uses the gift that all connected Psychics possess. She is able to sense and interpret energy imprints and will often communicate with spirit energy of a person who has passed away.

Psychics And Unsolved Murder Cases

Any unsolved criminal mystery, particularly one that involves murder, can be frustrating for everyone involved.  Where there are a few clues and a case is not progressing because all leads have led to a dead end, a Psychic detective can offer valuable insights and new avenues. Many times finding personal details related to a crime not available anywhere else.

This can lead police to search in new places and discover new evidence. One day they have nothing. The next day shows they are closer to solving the case. It a mark of the usefulness of Psychic detectives in difficult cases.

It becomes an interweaving process combining the insights of the Psychic detective with the facts known to the police.  It’s very much like having a giant jigsaw and slotting the pieces together.  The Psychic detective is able to add further missing pieces to help complete a full picture.

Psychic Detectives And The Police

Do the police use Psychic investigators? The situation is further confused when certain police departments issue official statements saying they do not  consider Psychics as credible or useful in their investigations.

The paranormal is not an area they admit to being involved with. Yet an article will pop up, a book appears or the press will begin to link a death as being an unsolved mystery. You may have read something similar that you view as inconsistent in expressed police opinion in this area?

This may be a matter of public confidence. The police  may have policy reason for not letting the public believe they rely upon Psychics in order to solve their cases.

In the UK in 2006, a number of British police forces stated they did not and have not used Psychics or Psychic detectives. However in 2009, altough the Metropolitan police had denied the use of Psychics in their investigations, emails suggested something different. A Psychic detective had indeed been used in a police investigation.  This led to further statements by a senior police officer which while not confirming  the use of Psychics, did not deny it either.

Types Of Cases Where Psychic Detectives Have Been Used

car chases car crashes
serious car crime
motives for murder
missing persons
Psychic criminology
forensics & investigation
unsolved murder
missing children
unsolved crime
most shocking crimes
crimes unsolved years ago


When Psychic Detectives Are The Only Option

When a criminal case has run to a dead end, this is the likely time for Psychic detectives to be called. In cases where the Police have admitted to using Psychic detectives have stated

‘it will be as a last resort and as an investigative tool with caution’.

It can take a leap of faith and belief in the ability of Psychic detectives to help solve crimes. It really boils down to beliefs about who we are.  Psychics generally tend to believe that we are infinitely more than mere mortal bodies.  Our ‘souls’ or our ‘spirits’ are immortal and indestructible.

Looking at Psychic abilities from that angle, means there is an energy force, of which we form part. It is in a state or entity that can be contactable.  It is this communication, this deeper level, that the sixth sense is in contact with.

Once we get past traditional thinking, limited by its dependence upon logic and known science, we can begin to investigate how Psychics can aid law enforcement in solving mysterious crimes.

Psychic Detectives At Work

This is an area where a number of well known famous Psychics have helped authorities over a number of years. Psychics such as Nancy Myer, Robert Cracknell (reported in Fleet St as ‘Britain’s Number 1 Psychic Detective’ after providing accurate details and information when investigations were on going into the Yorkshire Ripper murders) and Bertie Catchings, to name but a few involved in this area.

Many police departments keep the idea of using Psychic powers, Psychic readings and Psychic development of police cases away from the public gaze. It would seem police responses don’t always match reality. Even at this moment in time, a number of Psychics are in live action with police in the United States and assisting Australian police and New Zealand authorities.

Psychics Have Never Provided Useful Psychic Predictions?

There is a story of Robert Ressler. Retired from the FBI, federal police: he confirmed how Psychic investigator Noreen Renier, accurately predicted President Ronald Reagan’s shooting three months in advance of the event.

Other reports have been made of Psychics sensing murder. This is more than possible for a Psychic with a very strong connection to the powerful energy source of the universe.

Each Psychic detective will work differently with law enforcement agencies depending upon their strongest gift and how they apply it in solving unsolved mysteries.  Police detectives from different police departments, have, off the record, said they will ‘use all avenues open to  them, when trying to solve a criminal case, if it provides them with the edge that they need’.

What Do You Believe?

The area is a controversial one.  Many people think that any avenue that reveals information that can be used in solving murders and other criminal investigations is valid.  Others dismiss it out of hand.

There is however more than a suspicion that police departments all over the world turn to Psychic detectives when thay are presented with the most difficult cold cases.  One where the clues have simply run out.

Mystery and intrigue surrounds Psychic detectives and only as we come to understand in greater depth the true nature of their abilities and powers will it become clearer how they can be successfully used in assisting police forces to solve their unsolvable mysteries.

It’s pretty awesome to think that bad guys can get caught when law enforcement agencies call in the psychic detectives!

Delving into the criminal mind is not always easy. A natural Psychic paranormal investigator can give the edge in unsolved cases. This means many people see a Psychic detective as invaluable in such cases.

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Psychic Detectives

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