Psychics Predictions – Are Psychics Predictions Myths?

Are Psychics Predictions Really A Myth Or Will They Reveal The Future?

psychics predictions

psychics predictions

Psychics predictions have always gone hand in hand with the idea of ‘myth’. Many ask the question ‘Are psychics predictions true? Will they reveal the future or are they indeed just ‘myth’ ?

Psychics predictions can take many forms. Do you believe it is possible for a skilled Psychic to begin analyzing and reading circumstances, predicting the future and accurately interpreting meaning flowing from the past? Psychics predictions is taken to a whole new level when the deeper probing questions are asked and the investigation reveals the true psychic results. This really does tend to counter the argument often voiced that…psychics predictions are just myths.


‘Is it true Psychics predictions are just myths’?

There Are No Psychics Predictions! – Myth 1

On the one hand people use this myth to justify a lack of relationship to foresight and foretelling of the future by Psychics. Yet to counter the myth we see many celebrity psychics and Psychic clairvoyants today. Some of the  best psychics, such as John Edwards, Colin Fry, Derek Acorah, and  Sylvia Browne all regularly making accurate Psychics predictions.

Psychics Predictions Are For The Stupid! – Myth 2

Again another great myth put out by those who do not understand the energy and power that a truly gifted psychic is able to connect and access. Dr. Jonathan Royle is a well known Psychic and has indeed featured in various international media. He has a record of deep insightful meanings that are amazingly accurate Psychics predictions.

Now these Psychic readings have included many of the rich and famous. Princess Diana, Madonna, Cher, The Spice Girls, Claudia Schiffer,Olympic Swimmer Sharon Davis, Boxer Frank Bruno. All  A-List celebrities who have shown their own beliefs in the power of true psychics predictions.

Clairvoyance Is Not An Ability Anyone Possesses! – Myth 3

Again sometimes people who have not really explored the true nature of the Psychic express this view.

Clairvoyance is an established phenomenon. It’s the ability to see visual information through extrasensory means. Many of the psychic’s used by police in criminal investigations use this skill to provide insight and clues that help solve complex criminal cases.

Psychic cases often feature in the news. Legitimate Psychics are used in criminal investigations. Some police departments deny using the information given by Psychics but there is little doubt that in complex cases with few clues, Psychic advice has been used.

An expert Psychic, with psychic abilities, can offer special insights through use of psychic power. The authorities know that in tough cases they can try and find a path from the clues to work from.

For example in Britain in In 2009, the Metropolitan Police denied using psychics in investigations. They were later pressed on the matter after a Psychic made a press statement. This was authorized by the senior investigating officer. This statement did not confirm the use of Psychic information but left he whole issue  in an ambiguous state.

“We do not identify people we may or may not speak with in connection with inquiries. We are not prepared to discuss this further.”

There is a world wide psychic network of help that will be always be available to every investigating department  that has concerns about lack of progress using real world clues.

Psychic readers know this pushes them into the spotlight with sometimes negative feedback. As mentioned, those who do not understand often profess there is no such thing as Psychic power.

The long lasting use of certain house psychics, master psychics if you will,  ‘real Psychics’ the authorities always call, would suggest otherwise.

Further clarification is offered here. According to Debra Lynne Katz,

“anyone who can visualize a simple shape or color has basic clairvoyant ability that can be developed”

If you have ever felt an experience is unusual, in that it becomes like watching a movie unfold before your eyes, or dreaming while you are awake, then you have actually experienced an element of free clairvoyance. Maybe you know of someone that has repeated a similar experience?

It’s Not Possible To Do Psychic Readings Through Touch? – Myth 4

This connects to myth 3 in some respects. When police departments call in a Psychic to help using Psychic investigation, possessions of a missing person may be one of the few clues available. A legitimate psychic assisting in this way will inform the investigators of the Psychic methods used.

  • reading the psychic imprints on objects connected with a person,
  • reading from the energy of the person by visiting locations and places they frequented. This provides Psychic information about them.
  • helping to discover the location of missing or relevant personal items
  • psychically attune to individuals through their photographs
  • focus using the Psychics abilities to detect and explore energy imbalances surrounding the circumstances presented.

This last skill involves a deep connection within body, mind, and spirit and calls deeply upon the ability of a person as a Psychic.

Psychic touch (Psychometry) is a skill based on a prime sense of touch. It is true that many accurate readings, of great value, are provided like this every day and it is always worth checking out.

2011 has seen more live readings making use of this psychic ability. 2011 has also seen an early sign that people interested in astrology feel Psychic touch must come of age and add itself as a top Psychic method. It can be used in Psychics predictions with effect.

The conclusion is that while there are many myths relating to the field of Psychics predictions, few are ‘right’ or correct.

Even most doubters agree that life can take on a new pathway if contact is made with new choices.

Some people like to ring a Psychic because they love to chat. Others use Psychic on line services.

Let only yourself make the choice once you know that Psychics predictions can give you help and guidance in your life, whenever you face troublesome challenges.

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