Pokemon Black: Help with my party/Team!?

Bradley Brinegar Asked: Pokemon Black: Help with my party/Team!?

I've been leveling up all my pokemon to beat the Elite Four. It's difficult and I'm trying not to train them with the Elite Four, just other wild pokemon. But anyways, I need help deciding which pokemon I should keep and I want you to rate my party of pokemon. Here it is-

Emolga (Lv.51 Electric/Flying)
Samurott ([Starter]Lv.50 Water)
Garbodor (Lv.48 Poison)
Sawk (Lv.47 Fight)
Druddigon (Lv.45 Dragon)

And for the last pokemon I want to add to my team I have a few I can't decide between. I first had Elgyem (Lv.40 Psychic) but then I switched it to Vullaby(Lv.45 Flying). But now I'm not sure which I want to choose. Vullaby evolves at 56. Other pokemon i'm considering are Excadrill(Ground/Steel), Heatmor(Fire), Audino(Normal), Pawniard(Dark/Steel), and finally Litwick(Ghost/Fire). Any advice?? Thanks 🙂


jaden yuki Answered:
go to these 2 website the first is a team builder it will tell u wats weak on ur pokemon and wats supper affective the 2nd will have a list of the strongest pokemon in the game (based on stat total)
glad i could help in my opinion u should have Reuniclus as physic.

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