Are there any games like Slasher!?

Bread Asked: Are there any games like Slasher!?

Slasher! was an online game hosted on The-N. The-N was bought by someone else around 2010, and the game was taken off the site. Stupid decision, because Slasher! was by far the most popular game on that website.

Slasher! was a multi-player game where each player was given a role (camper, psychic, cop, or slasher). No one knew what role you had but you, and depending on how many people played, two to four players were given the slasher role, and the slashers killed a person every night. During the day, all the players could talk to each other and they tried to figure out who the slashers were so they could eliminate them from the game.

Know any games like this? I know there was a game called Cry_Wolf that was like it, but it has also been taken down.


Pink12 Answered:

Im looking for more games like Slasher as well, epicmafia is closest to it! But be warned this game has like a million roles and does take some time to getting used too. If you want help just look up my player, isaZebra on thereand message me.

OTTO Answered:
Yes you are psychic.
Denis Answered:
Can you give me the 64/9 numbers and Id I win we'll split it 50/50?
Jeremiah Answered:
My name is Jeremiah.I would like to talk to you.My email address is what you are saying is true than I would love to help you in whatever way I can.I've met people like this in the past.Please email me.And yes, its entirely possible that you possess psychic abilities.Many people will redicule you and very few will take you seriously, but I do.
julie Answered:
or just lucky.
it'd be pretty darn awesome if you were.
Liberachi Answered:
Yeah it happens to me too. I will have a dream one night, I'll dream of someone I havnt seen in years, and the next day that dream will come true. Everyone has a lil psychic ability, some more in tune than others.
William Answered:
the mind is a difficult thing to understand but perhaps you are gifted with premonition but its not that uncommon.dreams show us things that we don't normally see or that we aren't aware of

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