Where is my life going? (my gyspy life)?

Matthew Nicholas Asked: Where is my life going? (my gyspy life)?

Hello my name is Matthew im 14. i am from hawaii,but was born in san fransisco California i've been living in hawaii for 3 years. i wish to go to the mainland but can't because my dad did a crime, he is a body man and has no job, he works but its kinda like self employment except without all that taxes bullshi't. i am a gypsy, i travel a whole lot from place to place, i've lived in maybe 5 different sates, throughout 14 years of my life. people don't really know the way the gypsy culture they will likely miss under stand it, a gypsy is a person who travels alot! and dose not have a job and dose not have good credit score and dose not get "legally married" and a bunch of other stuff including paying there taxes. gypsy people don't believe in a good education because i mean seriously 8 years in school + collage? all gypsies don't believe in that some do some don't, me on the other hand im one of the lucky ones, i can read and write and spell hate math. i have missed up to 7 years of school because of my family due to traveling and my culture. the only thing a gypsy family really wants is a 1.money 2.house 3.fancy cars 4.live life to its fullest 5.have a very Very large family.in gypsy culture collage is getting married the way i think of it, a average gypsy boy is considered a man at 14-16 i am 14 i am suppose to get married in 2-3 more years i don't, most boys do. i have a very poor family,very big but poor.constantly asking family members for money and begging. i hate begging! so embarrassing. what im trying to tell you is that i don't really know if i wanna continue to live this life. if i continue to become a gypsy my job will be to buy and sell cars, its not that bad actually i would buy a car for low money and sell it for high i would make maybe 3-5K depending on the cars.but that's not what i want nore getting married at 16 nore moving from place to place nore destroying my credit nore living a criminal life. if i chose to become a "american" my mother and father will disown me, i don't want that, the gypsy culture insists on becoming strictly gypsy, all my family will disown me, but im sure they will love me. i've told them many times if i get a job i would make more money then both of them but no…i wish i could change my life it sucks! all i do is play games all day long no school nothing not even a social life.if i do get a job i have one in mind…i would like to be a infectious disease researcher and work with the CDC in atlanta i would make around $178,000 Annual. and i would "own my home' and my car a, new one plus i'd have money in the bank,but then there's collage see that's were my problems start, i have missed all my years of school and it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into a good collage since, i want to major in biology and medical no one would except me!, it would take me maybe 17 years to get my job go to collage and save up all the money to do that. i don't wanna waste 17 years of my life for that. and if i do get a job the most id ever make is maybe $35,000 Annual,i really don't no what to do? i mean some of my family members are rich from buying and selling car's and psychic readings. i don't know and even if your saying to your self were are the police,well if your saying where is child protective services they wouldn't find me because i move like crazy Plus gypsy are excellent liars,i mean i have a home i have food i have all of that i don't want the police to take me away from my family i have 3 brothers and 1 sister they don't go to school, i don't know what to do you tell me?


azfreehiker Answered:
You're in a bind, my friend.If you get married, will your parents arrange it?Is that
the tradition?How about this idea:

You get married, but don't have kids right away.Then you move away from your
parents-can they allow for that?Now you are on the Mainland. Then you both get
part-time jobs and an apartment.Your parents don't know what you are doing for
a while.Find other Gypsy people to visit and hang out with; keep your family
happy that way, and don't burn your bridge to Gypsy life.

Then you enroll in a GED program to get a high school education, with all the Math
you can tolerate.Then enroll in a Community College.Talk to their counselors,
find one who understands you well enough, who you like and trust.Set up a goal
that you can accomplish in 2 years.Get an AA degree in ANYTHING.

Now you can get a better job, more income, just because you have this degree.
Now you can continue with your education, heading toward that goal you described
in Bio-Medicine.Or maybe you'll change the goal a bit as you learn more about it.

Olive Sorceress Answered:
If you tell a self-professed psychic the name of someone you're interested in, that's the name they're going to tell you.

Psychics are phony.Don't spend your money on them.

somanyquestions Answered:
Aw shucks! Upon reading the question i was hoping that a few self-proclaimed psychics would answer the question = ) im curious to know the name of my soulmate even if it's just a couple of vague letters.

Terry Answered:
Their is no point in giving a name for souls may have many names or none. You'll know without asking on the meeting and there will be a meeting . . . again.

Sapphire Answered:
No they can not.

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