Can someone tell me what my last life was?

Zachary Meyer Asked: Can someone tell me what my last life was?

Before I studied my zodiac sign, I have already been attuned to it. When I researched it, I freaked out, because of how close my personality was with it. It is Aquarius, but recently looked deeper into it, discovering Ganymede. I feel so freaked out, because of my preferences to play with hoops and several other details. Much of like, I would feel so right with a spear or a loose cap, or my thoughts of wearing a red cloak. I sometimes saw myself with a shepherd crook, then I saw the art of Ganymede. Will someone psychic please tell me what my past life was so I can be past it with more certainty?


Agnes Bergeson Answered:
They are all foolishness. don't believe such things.

Shenaynay Answered:
Interesting!I cant answer your question, but I think I was a jew in the war in a past life.I have such strong feelings towards the Holocaust and alot in common with Ann Frank.I feel like I was possibly in the same situation as her.

I guess I will never know though.Just have to believe in myself and that I am not crazy!

George of the Jungle Answered:
TLT(time line therapy)

search for it.(not on NET)

Manish Bhargao Answered:
First, I strongly caution anyone about opening yourself up to a tape or video that is online or on a DVD, CD.You cannot know for sure what exactly is on there and who knows what subliminal messages could be there.It is important to be with someone you trust and who can take care of you as you open yourself up to things like this.

A very safe way to think about this is to see what interests you from the following:

a particular time in history
a way of dressing
kinds of foods
languages that are easy to learn
cultures that seem comfortable to you

This is what you are doing now in many ways…if you trust what you are feeling, then you already know the answers.

There are also certified past life regressionists out there.But, again, I would be very careful about whom you choose.In your case, I think you could ask for a dream, and it would be shown to you that way…meditation may also reveal things to you.Both dreams and meditation are safe ways to find out what you want to know.

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