Is it wrong for a catholic or christian to believe in a psychic?

xNightSolaCex Asked: Is it wrong for a catholic or christian to believe in a psychic?

I am thinking of going to a psychic for some info. I don't know if i necessarily believe in what they say, but im very curious but idk. is it wrong?


Thumbs Down you know you want 2 Answered:
Yes, you're going to hell.

ROCK GODS Answered:
God shall smite thee who sin.

Lily Answered:

MaLily Answered:
It's just stupid.

Undead Jewish Tranny With Man Titties Answered:
Um, yeah? You can even follow horoscopes and beat your wife if you want! lol.

Eifersucht Answered:
Is that honestly in the bible somewhere? One who believes in one who sees the future will be sent to hell?

Laceann Answered:
I am very much a Christian, and have psychic all my life. Christians get into trouble by running after psychics to help them lead their life. That is God's territory!He's a whole lot better than any human psychic at helping you lead your life. Okay?

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