Can you tell me about my past life?

Brandon Wooley Asked: Can you tell me about my past life?

I want a past life reading put I can't find an affordable one. If you can help me I would appreciate it soo much. Please be a real psychic. I'm confused about my life purpose enough. I don't need any fake information. I would appreciate as much detail as possible. Thank You!! 😀


Zeus T Answered:
how do you know u had one

Psych Lapse Answered:
Do you also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny?
Superstition is toxic.Free your mind of these fantasies.

Quixotic Answered:
Here's the best real info you're gonna get : there are no psychics.

Gareth H Answered:
You didnt have one.

$70 now please.

computers user Answered:
You were a flie born from a pirate ship.

Purportedly Magic Jew Answered:
You were named Osama Bin Laden.

mt zimmerman Answered:
This is the only life you have and will ever live.. enjoy it..

dreamofdjinni Answered:
There are no real psychics. A psychic will make up a story for you.

Wolf Myth Answered:
No one can do a reading over the internet. Get real.

tinathan06 Answered:
You are only going to get fake information.. Sorry, psychics are not real dude

IronPlague Answered:
You were some peasant who's job was to scrub the moat after cleaning the horse poo in the stable.

That actually makes more sense than 99.9% of the "past life" claims out there, where everyone in their past life was apparently some kind of royalty or samurai.

artifergolem Answered:
Mountains. Alaska? Frontier. You were a lumber jack prospector. You dug for gold in the mines near Anchorage. You found some loot, not much though. Life was hard, brutish and short. You fought against many enemies — claim jumpers and generally shady-bad men. You died in your forties — diptheria or diarhrea. Health care wasn't much back then, and away from civilization. Your wife could have been Russian. You had three kids. The family survives to this day, many strong.

Your point in this life? To struggle and grow on. You'll stand up for yourself, but also for those you love. You will learn the meaning of friendship, and the value of relationships.

Hope that helps.

Logic Reason Evidence Answered:
You were a turtle in your last incarnation, Cowabunga!

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