Astrology Intro for ASTROLOGERS channel ~ How to do Astrology – The start of an instructional series. Astrology is useful – to cast charts and do readings for people, but also to learn about your own self. In fact, that is the best way to learn, to apply it to yourself. Test it out. This is about examining the inner person, the motives, the potential of life. Astrology is much misunderstood, but it needs to be rescued from the ignorant. It's time that it takes a superior place amongst the sciences. I will also make comparisons to other divination such as: the I Ching, Tarot cards, palmistry, face-reading, tea leaves, crystal ball reading, psychics, clairvoyance, handwriting analysis, graphology, and much more. I will explain all of this using definite scientific method. Last but not least, I make a comparison with astronomy. By the time you watch the whole series, you will know the basics of Astrology. The zodiac signs, the planets, the hoses, and aspects. You will be able to read and interpret an astrology chart. It will provide extra insight into life and what may be ahead of you. Astorlogy merely provides more detail to the Map of Life, you stil have to decide where you want to go on that map. *You are going to need a pencil, some paper and an ephemeris. This book is most important. You can purchase one at the bookstore or your local library may carry one. We are going to cast charts, not rely on computer generated ones! The zodiac signs (memorize them forwards and backwards – they are your ABC's <b>…</b>

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