Psychic help. Is there a tragedy coming in my life?

Desperatelyseekingnormalcy Asked: Psychic help. Is there a tragedy coming in my life?

I was told on here that there was a tragedy and also I'm going to die. Please help. If you are true tell me something about myself. I don't know whats real and what is not on here.


Brendan Answered:
Yes there is a tradgedy coming. I don't know about you or your personal life. You just have to take my word for it. I foresaw you questioning my prediction and came to reply to this question as well. Please do not question me again.

Beck Answered:
A lot of people use this site to abuse others, scare others and get cheap kicks out of telling others complete bull**it. I very much doubt that any so called psychic can do a detailed reading without even meeting a person. Disregard the threat of death/tradegy otherwise you'll go crazy and end up making bad events happen.

lukas Answered:
There is no tragedy coming in your life. You have a bit panic, and I would kindly ask you to go and see a psychotherapist, who will easilly help you to solve the problem. It is as easy as that. Injoy the life, love the world and yourself!

sharishi towner Answered:

Psychics is such a things, that does not exist (faking), they use a thing called Cold reading, look it up, he said the you are going to die, well this is a bit awkward, but we ALL are going to die, but one's will die sooner others will die later, so i would just say, show your big phat middle finger to that asswipe who said this to you and ignore all that bullshit.

Amethyst33 Answered:
Well first the reality check.We are all going to die.Our Creator decides when we are born and Our Creator decides when we die.

I think you are taking this prediction too seriously.This psychic didn't happen to mention exactly when this tragedy was going to occur?How convenient for them.Did the psychic tell you that if you came back you could get more information?That my dear is no psychic.I believe that your psychic is hopeful that you will return and then she will have a fatter wallet than you will.I would not appreciate a psychic that let me leave with such an awful prediction and then even worse let you leave in a highly anxious state of mind.Not professional.

Now you are in a panic playing the "What if" game.What if this happens.Or what if this happens.Or what if this happens.That is a no-win game.The psychic knows this. Why do you think her "clients" come back for another reading.

Stop worrying.This psychic is one of the reasons that psychics have such a bad reputation.Many scam the elderly because they are easy prey.Old people are easily persuaded.

If you want to have another psychic reading don't go back to her.Start asking around and find a good affordable reputable psychic.Heck, I found mine at a flea market!

Good luck to you.You'll be fine.Bless you.

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