Are there any real life psychics on here?

xJoJo21x Asked: Are there any real life psychics on here?

if so predict my future… 😉

btw this is a serious question so if ur not then id appreciate it if u bugger off 🙂


Super Sassy Answered:
You're a very negative person but you don't realize this. You need to stop and be more introspective and realize you're attracting negative energy. Until you let go of the aggression and hateful mannerisms and expressions, you won't find what you think you deserve. It's going to be a long and difficult path to change because your natural tenancy is to be abrasive. Without change, you'll continue on a path of negativity.

It can't be a serious question because all know physics have been proven to be charlatans, a lot end up in court.

John Jones Answered:

MCSHughes Answered:
NO ONE can know this guy, much less make a diagnosis of sociopath without more than an opinion on Yahoo.

Don't rely on some self claiming "psychic".

laogoagen Answered:
well im a borderline psychic and i say he's not
but you shouldn't date your teachers
your too suggestive, you should send me money

vivek axxo Answered:
bcoz the gangsta attitude appeals for girls coz they show of masculinity and the dont care nature may bring you out of your worries and depression …finally girls do like bad boys

Teh Tyme Kitteh PANTHEIST Answered:
Does he act or look like your father?

Mike Williams Answered:
Perhaps you like "bad" boys.

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