top 7 most scariest pics EVER!

7.Photographer Neil Sandbach was taking pictures around a farm in Hertfordshire, England, when he captured this astounding picture. When Sandbach looked at the digital photo later, he couldn't believe his eyes; he was certain that he had not overlooked a child hanging around the farm that day. 6. In 1946, a woman named Mrs. Andrews took this picture of her deceased daughter's gravestone in Queensland, Australia. Her daughter had been just 17 when she'd died the previous year. When the film was developed, Mrs. Andrews was shocked to see the image of an infant girl looking directly into her camera. There had been no children in the cemetery that day, and Mrs. Andrews didn't know any babies whose pictures she'd have taken with her camera. She also remarked that the child did not look like her own daughter when her daughter was an infant. 5.Taken in 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira, this is perhaps the most famous ghostly image of all time, yet to this day no one has been able to disprove its authenticity. The photographers were visiting Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, to take pictures for Country Life magazine when they captured the original lady of the house, Lady Dorothy Townsend, descending the staircase. Provand witnessed the apparition with his eyes first, then managed to lift his camera and take this famous photograph. 4. Denise Russell took this photo of her grandmother in 1997. Her granny lived independently into her 90's, and during a family picnic just <b>…</b>

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