Could Diclonius/Diclonii be real?

Shinobi of Silence Asked: Could Diclonius/Diclonii be real?

I think i am one (noting i have had pink hair since i was born and these weird horn bone thing coming out of my head). Im talking about the diclonius from Elfen Lied, not the dinosaur. One time one of my the bone things (horns) broke off and i fell into a coma for at least a month. Im not a fan of this "elfen lied", i in fact, do not really know what it is. I found it when i was on google.
I am a freak among humans, and i know im not a human…

Could Diclonius be real?

Am I a Diclonius?

if im not, what explains my pink hair, my odd eye color, and these horn things?
Also i have a heightened psychic ability and once i punched one of my friends when they were really far away from me. What was that?

also, one last question: What is Elfen Lied?


Dean Answered:
Pink?Strawberry blond, maybe, or some sort of other red head.

Horns?You must be a troll, in more ways than one.

I think that, if you have all of that, and psychic ability, the government would've locked you up and kept you shut up.Like the diclonii Lucy, Mariko, and Nana.Except you'd KNOW you are a diclonius.

Oh, and if you are male, then most likely you can rule it out.Most likely, meaning it's still possible, just improbable for a male diclonius to exist.

Elfen Lied is a German song.If you read the manga, you'd know that, since there is a Manga only character who sings it and teaches it.It's also the original lyrics to the "Lilium" lullaby.

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