Is medium Psychic Sally genuine, can she really speak to the dead?

Burgla Asked: Is medium Psychic Sally genuine, can she really speak to the dead?

how come she never encounters a spirit who is in a bad place?


eri Answered:
No, she can't talk to the dead.No one can.That's why we have murder trials – because we can't just ask the dead person who killed them.All psychics are frauds – no one has ever been able to show they had those powers went tested, and it would be very easy to prove if they did.No one ever.There are millions of dollars in prizes out there for anyone who could really talk to the dead.

Ron Answered:
No she isn't genuine, she joins a long list of famous psychics like Sylvia Brown who refuse to be tested by James Randi for his $1,000,000. I don't know how rich Sally is but Sylvia charges $700 for a 20 minute phone call, perhaps neither need the prize money but there must be thousands of struggling psychics out there who could but still refuse the challenge because they know they would lose like all the other fake psychics who have tried.

Alesandra Storm Answered:
Nobody can speak to the dead… They are dead. People are stupid.

ohio gal Answered:
NO, NO, NO!! She just wants money.

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