Telepathic Communication, astral projection?

ben stothen Asked: Telepathic Communication, astral projection?

Let me explain this situation a little. When I was 18 years old I did 2CE and I had an out of body experience that lasted about 5 minutes. Since then I have been very interested in astral projection. So some nights I'll lay in bed and I usually pick a star and try to imagine I live in that solar system. Nothing has ever happened for me to really believe it until tonight. Tonight as I was going to bed I was trying to synch with the universe and something strange happened my thoughts were getting answered. So here's my first question in a true telepathic communication do you hear your voice or is it a different voice because what I heard send me chills but it was on my own voice.

What I heard was humanity several times followed by beware and then the date September 12th 2011 popped into my head. Now I've been looking into it and September 12th is the day of our last full moon before Elenin enters the inner Solar system populated by Mars, Venus, Earth and Mercury. Needless to say I've been really apprehensive because I didn't know anything about any of this until my "psychic encounter" and I just need a bucket of cold water thrown my way to make me stop freaking out!

So the question is this, in a telepathic communication do you hear the other person with your voice?
I guess there isn't much I can do now but wait for september 12th and see wtf happens =/


Michael Menkin Answered:
Telepathic communication is not related to astral projection or any particular date.EEgs are not strong enough to indicate that there is any kind of telepathy – between humans.However, the situation between humans and aliens is different.I believe that the aliens transmit some kind of microwave signal that the brain interprets as telepathy and the aliens can communicate and control their victims.I've been making thought screen helmets to block alien telepathic communication for 12 years and the helmets do work.I know that because abductees are not take when they wear helmets and abductees who wear thought screen helmets are also harassed by the aliens.Also, the helmet works better when it has double grounds, which indicates that the wearer receives some kind of high frequency microwave signal.Buzzing sounds and other interference that people experience when they wear thought screen helmets disappear when the helmets are adequately grounded.See for case histories of people wearing the thought screen helmet and for directions on making the helmet.It is a nonprofit, public services ufo website.Children who are abducted also stop abductions by wearing thought screen helmets.See for more information about children and alien abductions.To answer your question about telepathy better, there are also children's drawings of alien telepathic communication with them.People who are abducted report that telepathy creates impressions which they convert to thought.People don't hear a voice with telepathic communications.David Jacobs has a whole section on telepathy on his website,

2telldatruth Answered:
ya i just found one. Give me all your credit card numbers, drivers license numbers and social security numbers and i will see if they match and get back to you.

Smith Williams Answered:
It is not a big task for psychics to find out your wallet. Through Reiki it is damn easy to find out any lost stuff. But do you think after a week any of the contents of your wallet would be safe?

Zap Flash Answered:
u migh have some brain parts open

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Sss D Answered:
You sound like a normal 13 year old

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