Rate my Pokemon Black Team?

Macydog12 Asked: Rate my Pokemon Black Team?

I plan on training a team and before i start training i would like to know if there should be any changes that would make it better or possibly stronger…all comments help me
My team as follows

Mienshao @choice scarf
Nature- Naive
-Hi Jump Kick
-Stone Edge
-Hidden Power Ice/ Fake Out

Haxorus @Haban Berry
Ability- Mold Breaker
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw

Volcarona @Life Orb
Ability-Flame Body
-Quiver Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Fiery Dance

Ferrothorn @leftovers
Ability-Iron Thorns
-Gyro Ball
-Stealth Rock
-Leech Seed

Sigilyph @Toxic Orb
Ability- Magic Guard
-Cosmic Power
-Stored Power
-Psycho Shift

Jellicent @Water Gem
Ability-Dont know which is better Cursed Body or Water Absorb
-Shadow Ball

Any info would be nice and im open to changing pokies


Amobi Maka Answered:
Its meh
But Ferrotthorn

Austin Dominguez Answered:
i think its pretty good. but i dont play pokemon so i wouldnt really know

Abhishek Answered:
replace haxorus by HYDREIGON
replace jellicent with SEISMITOAD

(Where is your starter)

no need to change any other pokemon


Acrobatics- weak to Fighting and Bug
Dragon Rush or Dragon Pulse-dragon pulse is better
Flamethrower= weak to ice
crunch = weak to psychic , ghost


muddywater – to tackle fire
sludge bomb – good move
earthquake = to tackle electric
hydro pump = great attack move

you will get DEINO in victory road ( near water ) 20% chance
or victory road 620% chance (lv 32 – 40)

deino – zwelious level 50 – hydreigon level 64

you will get tympole in pinwheel forest 40% chance
or palipitoad in icirus city , moor of icirrus, route 8 (you willget it during spring , summer , autumn)

tympole – palpitoad level 25 – seismitoad level 36

Pentex Answered:
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Bob Loblaw Answered:
Statistics. They generally say that the bodies are located near water. If there is a puddle, creek, ocean, rain, whatever, they are going to be right. If where they say the body is located is within a certain distance, it's because generally you find the bodies a certain distance from where the crime happened. Note that this is often modified too. So if the location they pick is 2 miles from where the crime was committed but they said it would be 4 miles away, they will notice that the victim's house was an additional 2 miles and that the criminal had driven by the house once and that's when he decided to kill the victim.

100% of the time, what a psychic claims, can be done by a non-psychic.

Joe P Answered:
They apparently cannot.

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