I have a bad feeling I Can’t Focus On Anything But This Bad Feeling?

LOVE Asked: I have a bad feeling I Can’t Focus On Anything But This Bad Feeling?

I have been having this bad feeling that something really tragic might happen. something big and way out of my control, I get this horrible feeling in my stomach I can't quite pinpoint the problem. I am very scared and I really want someone to talk to about this. (Maybe a Psychic) I been having these feelings on and off since I was young. Last time I had this feeling in my stomach My Uncle Died in May 2011 Please comment if you can help me.


sdhockeycanada Answered:
Pick up a sport or see a counselor
Ranchmom1 Answered:
Having someone close to you die makes you more aware that sad things like death can happen.I'm guessing your uncle wasn't very old?Maybe the circumstances of his death were sudden, like an accident, and it got you thinking about how life can change so quickly like that.

You definitely do not want to talk to a psychic – if that person is in contact with anything at all, it would be a demon and you really really don't want a demon giving you life advice.

If you belong to God you understand that all things work together for your good, even the things that seem really really hard at the time, plus you have the assurance of eternity with God to look forward to when you do die.

If you'd like to know more about that, feel free to e-mail me through my profile.

Wishing you well.

poldi Answered:
People get these feelings all the time – some call it "anxiety disorder".

And if you ask anyone that has ever had this feeling, guaranteed if they think about it they can come up with something bad that happened.
That doesn't mean the feeling is a premonition – bad things happen all the time, so getting this feeling and a bad thing happening at some point in time is pure co-incidence.

The best solution is to do something to help you get your mind off the feeling.Volunteer at a shelter or hospital or food bank or nursing home – helping someone is the best way to get rid of a bad feeling.
Or just something simple, like going for a walk or bike ride, or going to a funny movie, or having friends over for pizza and a board game or videos – something to remind you there is a lot more good stuff in the world than a bad feeling.

If you want to consult a psychic, be prepared to hand over a lot of money for very little (if any) help.Psychics are masters at pandering to your beliefs and making you think they know stuff, but they don't (trust me – been there, done that).

box of kittens Answered:
calm, and manage your stomach with breathing

WRITE.it is a valid form of communication.don't try to control; just let whatever is in you just FLOW.

continue to use mindful, conscious CALMING.rub your stomach gently and focus your breathing.

Hope is certainty Ross Answered:
Sing this


Kobi Answered:
I have a baaaaad feeling about this.
Keily Answered:
Your are thinking that I do not know what you are thinking, right?

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