Question about Islam and Psychics?

Asked: Question about Islam and Psychics?

A good friend of mine claims she is psychic and performs tarot readings. I do not partake in such activities anymore because I converted to Islam. She knew about problems I was having with my husband and she told me she had an intuitive flash that my husband was cheating on me. My friend's aunt also said something about my husband cheating on me too a year or two back before I got married and she also claimed to be psychic. They have no proof, but is there such things as "intuitive flashes" in Islam, if not, then what is their purpose of making such a bold claim? It's not like I am paying them money. They make me feel paranoid.


without proof n accusing somebody is a sin n abt physic this all false islam does not allow it but there is a way called isteqara in islam which allow u to take decision in future like will pass in exam or not like that so ask ur imam or shaik for the correct way to perform isteqara n yes result is shown in dreams but other than this no physic things r allowed they all false like tarot astrology and numerology u shud not follow them

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