Help with my Pokemon Black team?

Carlo Asked: Help with my Pokemon Black team?

So, I really want to make a strong pokemon team, this is what I have so far and there are some options that you may help me decide on. My team is as follows with each moveset:

-Dragon Claw
-Wild Charge
-Acrobatics/CrushClaw/Crunch (choose which is best)

-Dragon Rush
-Dragon Pulse/Outrage (pick)
-Focus Blast/Tri-Attack/Surf (pick 2)

-Stone Edge
-Night Slash
-Iron Head
-Brick Break/Focus Blast

-Hammer Arm
-Shadow Punch
-Heavy Slam/Psychic/Ice Beam

-Heat Wave
-Bug Buzz
-Psychic/Poison Jab/Fire Blast
-Wild Charge/Giga Impact/Hyper Beam/Solar Beam

-Super Power
-Crush Claw/Air Slash
-Rock Slide/Shadow Claw

Please help with my team, I want it to be as diverse(as in lots of different types of moves) as possible so please everything helps!


Mister Johanesburg Answered:
everyone knows that digimon is so much cooler…

Jonathan Mejia Answered:
its kind of good but u should make a weather team for example a politoed with drizzle and lapras with hydration
then a toxicroack with dry skin
then on the other 3 make counter attacks like ground becase they might use thunder or fire for grass type moves and of course a wall like blissey

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