YuGiOh! Rate/Fix my Psychic deck?

Destiny Asked: YuGiOh! Rate/Fix my Psychic deck?

Monsters (20)

1 Mind Master
2 Krebons
2 Overdrive Teleporter
2 Mental Seeker
2 Psychic Snail
2 Esper Girl
3 Hushed Psychic Cleric
3 Serene Psychic Witch
3 Silent Psychic Wizard

Spells (10)

1 Dark Hole
1 One For One
1 Foolish Burial
1 Emergency Teleport
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Hand Destruction
2 Psychic Feel Zone

Traps (10)

1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Return from the Different Dimension
2 Trap Stun
2 Psychic Overload
3 Mind Over Matter

Extra (15)

1 Stardust Dragon
1 Overmind Archfiend
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2 Magical Android
2 Black Rose Dragon
2 Hyper Psychic Blaster
2 Psychic Lifetrancer
2 Psychic Nightmare
2 Thought Ruler Archfiend

Side (15)

1 Closed Forest
2 Cyber Dragon
2 D.D. Crow
2 Gozen Match
2 Kinetic Soldier
2 Nobleman of Crossout
2 Pulling the Rug
2 Thunder King Rai-Oh


Little Miss Imperfect Answered:
*closes eyes and takes a deep breath*
I'm sensing a troll here….

Vl Fanai Answered:
do what Bella did.

Hotdomi Answered:
Get off of the pc.
Get a life.

Kimmy Answered:
Wow………and i thought i didnt have a life….i have been proven wrong (:

PurpleBaby Answered:
OK how diluted are you? Do not try to complicate your life by comparing it to a story; especially a fantasy about the unreal. Be here now. Stay in the real world and deal with this on a personal level and tell the guy who is wedging his way into your love life that you want to be his friend but that is all. Move on and stay away from the psychic. The thing about a thought is that it has consequences. You can bring most anything to reality by simply planting the seed. There is a law in the universe called "the law of attraction". It is governed by the real world and mathematical equations that say that whatever something or someone needs they bring it upon themselves. If you wish for your life to be like Bella's it will be. If you wish to have an extra lover it will happen. Straighten up and fly right. Change your situation by believing in yourself.

awizardatruestar Answered:
HAHA, Your a complete liar!
Pathetic! I wounder what makes people want to lie like this?

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