Should I believe in psychic readings on Keen?

Asked: Should I believe in psychic readings on Keen?

So over the past three weeks I've talked to seven different psychics on Keen and they've all predicted that my ex boyfriend and I will picks things up and be back together by the end of this month, January 2013. Some of them have been able to provide accurate descriptions of his personality. A few others I've talked to gave me later time frames, no later than March though.No "one year from now" or "six months from now." So the time frames are not all over the place.

This gives me a hope, but at the same time, I have a little doubt. What if it's just a coincidence they've given me the same time end of January prediction? Should I trust Keen advisors? Have you had a similar experience, getting the same outcome/time frame from different advisors?

Advisors with end of January predictions: Steven Craig, Eli Casey, Victoria Sands, David7, Faery Lady, Travis London, Kelly777.


Dont worry, I had the same thing happen to me. And yes it DID happen, but. We broke up a few months later, it may not be the reason yours might be, or even you guys may be together longer, me and my ex-ex were fighting and i let my friend have him. which broke my heart btw. so be careful. keep your ex to yourself and if you see someone flirting with him, slap him. it works.

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