Schizoaffective disorder?

Jules Asked: Schizoaffective disorder?

I have had many symptoms that seem to be this disorder and have been to numerous psychiatrists.They hesitate or something to diagnose me.It all started in 2003.I had energy rush through my body…. Then came the creative writing which I could do for hours.Rushes of energy through my body.Then I thought I was and felt like I was different movie stars.I thought I was controlling street lights.I heard voices in my head saying I have a warrant out for my arrest.I came home to my family and thought they were out to harm me, or were bad for me to be around.I tried to walk away to become homeless.I could not organize my speech when I would talk at times.I thought I was psychic.I thought I was possessed.I felt like I was drowning under water and could not do anything I was so depressed.I could not work I would get so distracted with psychic material.Now even after on a antipsychotic medicine I cannot be around knives or such objects.I still here stuff in my head.It was positive at one time and now its really negative stuff.When not on meds for a day or two I feel like reality breaks apart and it is hard to function.


Katelyn Answered:
If you want to talk txt me at 6016955399 and pray

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