Rate my Pokemon Online Gen5 OU team?

K Asked: Rate my Pokemon Online Gen5 OU team?

I've been playing Pokemon online for about 2 weeks and I've won most of my battles. I want someone to rate my team before I make any changes.
My team:
Slot 1 *I use it to set up stealth rock and its movepool can 1HKO some Pokemon*
Mamoswine @ Focus Sash
>Nature: Adamant
>Ability: Thick Fat
>EV's: 252 Att/4 Def/252 Spd
– Icicle Crash
– Earthquake
– Stone Edge
– Stealth Rock

Slot 2
Gengar @ Choice Specs
>Nature: Timid
>Ability: Levitate
>EV's: 4 HP/ 252SpA/252 Spd
– Psychic
– Shadow Ball
– Thunderbolt
– Sludge Bomb (to fight Pokemon like Ludicolo)

Slot 3
Darmanitan @ Life Orb
>Nature: Adamant
>Ability: Sheer Force
>EV's: 4 HP/252 Att/252 Spd
– Flare Blitz
– Stone Edge
– Superpower
– U-turn

Slot 4
Genesect @ Expert Belt
>Nature: Modest
>Ability: Download
>EV's: 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spd
– Flamethrower
– Ice Beam
– Signal Beam

Slot 5
Garchomp @ Choice Band
>Nature: Jolly
>Ability: Rough Skin
>EV's: 4 HP/252 Att/252 Spd
– Outrage
– Earthquake
– Crunch
– Stone Edge

Slot 6
Lucario @ Focus Sash (I trick Physical sweepers into attacking, then use Counter to 1HKO them)
>Nature: Adamant
>Ability: Inner Focus
>EV's: 4 HP/252 Att/252 Spd
– Close Combat
– Counter
– Blaze Kick
– Extreme Speed


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