is it possible to be funny on the internet?

Asked: is it possible to be funny on the internet?

or is not possible because so many people cut and paste things online? I have so much spiritual affliction, I started thinking that I was already cut-and-pasted somehow. when I remembered my joke about the the false prophecies and the inputs, I started thinking they already beat me to it and took it beyond comedy.

I cant remember how many hilarious jokes I put on the internet, probably "none" but vicious atheists were cutting and pasting only things to make me look bad on the suggestion board and adding the best insults they could think of. I started thinking they were deceptively holding my real queen for massive ransom. it was an absolute nightmare.

it caused so much tingling and mass disturbance in the a-force, and I had no clue who those savage monsters were, where they were or what they were really up to. it was one of so many hallucinations and delusions, and I was able to recover and still feel like my real queen really liked me. unfortunately, I think the reality is that none of the apes do, but rather there is some kind of spirit that likes me a lot.

after a split-second moment of peace, im confident the apes will say "yeah, but youre not" is it because it rhymes with the last line or is rhyming just deceit of the ghost to mask and mesh psychic nothing? I actually thought about this long ago. just how do some of the jokes roll off the old tongue? I have "psychic powers" PEBKAC PEBKAC PEBKAC?


Love is like a fart, if you have to force it, it's probably poop.
Sorry, you can't fake funny.
Yes, but brevity is the soul of wit.Your post was too ****** long to be funny, so no one finished reading it.
you need an avatar.

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