Psychic help!! I cant find my wallet!? 10 points please!!!?

DdluvsDp Asked: Psychic help!! I cant find my wallet!? 10 points please!!!?

please i really have to find by today… .please
its brown leather, it has my licence and My ss ##
Plus some money please Psychics


Old Joe Answered:
Under the car seat.

f Answered:
It's in your shoe. xD

FF Answered:
This shows you have no faith in yourself.

Jason Santos Answered:
things happen for a reason, do not hate yourself for a mistake you have made. I know it is hard because people now days are so attached and we forget to enjoy what we have until it is gone. You may never find your wallet again but do know that it might help someone out in the future. I lost 25 dollars when I was at the mall and I was upset but I knew that someone who found it probably might need it more than me and there were times I myself found money. You do not need a psychic to tell you this. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the blessings your recieve.

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