another reason why Fireball is funny, dont you think?

Hedonism Bot Asked: another reason why Fireball is funny, dont you think?

she says wiccans, psychics and mediums are the devils works and whatever, but she ******* believe in astrology (probably its more christianish for some obscure reason?!?) she suggest a book of astrology to someone

(I am currently rolling on my floor while the last remains of my sanity are quitting me, I will never understand fireball)


Hootyfladoodey Answered:
Many people are not what they appear to be in this section. I am not speaking specifically about anyone in particular but many people pretend to be Christians who pretend to be atheists who pretend to be Muslim.
That is part of the charm.
Magical Bipolar Sky Man Answered:
TIRH…go to myths
JackInTheBox Answered:
Well I like a bit of fun. Got to laugh. You only get one life so might as well enjoy it
Kip R Answered:
Grow up.
Cake Was A Lie Answered:
fireball eats poop all day
that is why she is full of sh!t
Holy Christian Answered:
You're funny. So funny that you are disobeying the rules… AGAIN.
Herodotus Answered:
She's sweet. As I understand it she came to believe as a way out of a troubled life, I can't begrudge her that, even if I don't agree with her.
King Tut Answered:
What is Fireball?
I have PMS and a gun Answered:
Icepunchpie Answered:
Steve B Answered:
I find it sweet that someone can be so naive in this modern time of information access.
Bulldog Drummond Answered:
Where you see humor, I see tragedy.

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