Can someone please answer?

Ali Asked: Can someone please answer?

Hi! My little sister who is 11 would like a psychic reading, but is not old enough for yahoo answers or to call a psychic. Her birthday is December 4th, 2000 so she is a Sagittarius.

Her ascendant is Virgo.

There is some info.

Zodiac in degrees 0.00Placidus Orb:0
Sun Sagittarius 12.25Ascendant Virgo 17.45
Moon Pisces 13.25II Libra 13.51
Mercury Sagittarius 0.38III Scorpio 13.54
Venus Capricorn 25.11IV Sagittarius 16.29
Mars Libra 18.26V Capricorn 19.15
Jupiter Gemini 5.19 RVI Aquarius 20.03
Saturn Taurus 26.19 RVII Pisces 17.45
Uranus Aquarius 17.32VIII Aries 13.51
Neptune Aquarius 4.29IX Taurus 13.54
Pluto Sagittarius 12.40Midheaven Gemini 16.29
Lilith Aquarius 0.59XI Cancer 19.15
Asc node Cancer 15.45XII Leo 20.03

And here's some more.

Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value
Sun Square Moon 1.00 -158
Sun Opposition Jupiter 7.06 -44
Sun Conjunction Pluto 0.15 429
Sun Square Ascendant 5.21 -11
Sun Opposition Midheaven 4.04 -109
Moon Square Pluto 0.45 -88
Moon Opposition Ascendant 4.20 -93
Moon Square Midheaven 3.04 -44
Mercury Opposition Jupiter 4.40 -61
Mercury Opposition Saturn 4.20 -87
Mercury Sextile Neptune 3.51 5
Venus Trine Saturn 1.07 95
Venus Conjunction Neptune 9.18 25
Venus Trine Ascendant 7.26 5
Mars Trine Uranus 0.54 84
Mars Trine Midheaven 1.57 32
Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 8.60 25
Jupiter Trine Neptune 0.49 44
Jupiter Opposition Pluto 7.21 -15
Uranus Trine Midheaven 1.03 39
Pluto Square Ascendant 5.05 -2
Pluto Opposition Midheaven 3.49 -12
783 -724 59

She wants to know some past lives of herself, and she wants to know about ehr love life. She didn't want to get married for a long time, but now she's not sure. She wanted to have kids but she's not sure about that either. She wants to know her meaning in life. She wants to know her career and who her soulmate is.

I think she is going to be an author. Every thought, every word, she can put into words that leave you breathless. She writes as if a professienl author would! I am going to publish a book for her. She is my everything. <3


Lin Answered:
She would like a psychic reading and all of that information, maybe an hour long reading — all for free? People just sitting around online to do that for you whilst their paying customers wait? Next time you get your car fixed or hire someone, ask them to do it for free and see how they respond. No psychic will do that for a minor anyway, I wouldn't, esp for no payment. Tell her to wait until she is old enough and then go and see a professional. To get 'several' past life readings is a huge thing in itself. That entire list of wants is quite unreasonable and extremely indepth and wasted entirely on someone who is 11. There is a reason why readings aren't done for minors, respect that.
beatingheart Answered:
I am interested in someone who has a sun is sag and moon in pisces and he is borderline genius if not he is one…however.. he has a serious personality disorder.. depressed, a loner, deep down I think he is insecure. But being a sag they tend to be happy go lucky literally lucky.. Then days he sleeps the days away and its always hot and cold.

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