Any psychic reader to answer or help with my questions?

Awle Asked: Any psychic reader to answer or help with my questions?

When will m.w. call me or message me on facebook….days, weeks, months? will him & i work together on a script piece or will he be keeping me at arm's length? does he trust me as a friend or wants to grow closer than friends?

will i will the 2 script contests I am entering this year? will I end up visitibg/winning a trip ro any honorable mention awards from the script contest/competitions itself? if yes this year when?

will I have or win the money to end up visiting california this year?

thank you if you can help, if not thanks anyway, enjoy the 2pts. yes I know taking a chance asking this in any section that is close to new age…


bluecrystalheart Answered:
well as much as i want to help you i can't. and personally i don't think any psychic will be good enough togive a true prediction without knowing yours and the guy's name, birthday. or other important information. predicting things isn't as easy as it seems especially if we dont know you nor seen you..

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