Has anyone experienced a in-person Psychic Reading?

HowDoYouLoo Asked: Has anyone experienced a in-person Psychic Reading?

How did you find the experience and how do you find the real ones to the fraudsters?


Secular Atheist Answered:
Real ones to the fraudsters?

They are ALL fraudsters!

ChemoAngel Answered:
Yes. In Salem, MA. Can't get anymore real than that. And yes, she was right on target. I had a psychometry reading. I took a picture of my Uncle, and asked her to tell me what he was up to. Boy did she give me an earful. Swindling, money hungry creep that he is.

Kj Kj Answered:
They all are frauds, using cold or hot reading to find information about the subject

theambusher Answered:
Go to a palm reader when you are planning a trip and see if they come up with you are going on a trip,then report them to the Psychics anonymous they will refund your money

Matthew L Answered:
the real ones are with Tupac…the fraudsters can be visited or called…

Robin W Answered:
There are no real ones.Even the ones who think they have a genuine ability are using cold reading.Keep a "poker face" and don't answer their questions, and see how badly they fail.

pygonza Answered:
There is no way to tell the real from fraudsters, except perhaps through friends who have gone to the person.They are dangerous because they can tell you what you want to hear, even if it is not true and not good for you.

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