Have u ever been to a psychic b4?

e Asked: Have u ever been to a psychic b4?

not at a fair but like some1 who has their own building. how'd the reading go? was it real or fake?


Kyl Answered:
No but my mom did.. the whore said that my mom would have three boys. She had a girl and a boy. What a fail.

Question Answered:
Yes– I have a psychic I see a couple times a year. He has been very helpful with my life.

ilovemycountrybutfearmymilitaryindustrialcomplex Answered:

he said i will marry a rich girl but it will not end well,

so i am avoiding her,

so far, so good,

who prided themselves on looking facts in the face, and making their grim best of them, without vain repinings? He had been right in thinking their marriage an act of madness. Her charms had overruled his judgment, and they had had their year … their mad year … or at least all but two or three months of it. But his first intuition had been right; and now they must both pay for their madness. The Fates seldom forget the bargains made with them, or fail to ask for compound interest

her religious education having been neglected in her youth; and thenceforth she imitated all

Yet if you please, to him off a-while: You shall by that perceiue him, and his meanes: Note if your Lady straine his Entertainment With any strong, or vehement importunitie, Much will be seene in that: In the meane time, Let me be thought too busie in my feares, (As worthy cause I haue to feare I am) And hold her free, I do beseech your Honor

Oth. Feare not my gouernment

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