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Angel Art with Abby Rose & FREE Readings with Sinlou by True Psychics Network in Entertainment Sun, Oct 2, 2011unfollowh:157697 s:2383507 archived Free spirit art and readings with Abby Rose and Sinlou Ingraffia! Watch Abby Rose live on Artist and Psychic Medium Abby Rose Drawings capture the essence of light that guides and protects you. Everyone has help from another realm and Abby's work connects to this realm, the art carries an energy channeled directly for you. "When drawing, spontaneous marks create an automatic response to the image. Connecting the dots is my skill. I believe in random chance, it is to be that way, as all things are connected and these reasons cannot be explained with an equation." Clients of Abby Roses' have seen in her art work Loved ones and friends, Angels, Spirit Guides, spiritual symbols and even pets. listen on BTR and watch on

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