am i psychic or just crazy?

Fathya Tongyo Asked: am i psychic or just crazy?

i have dreams about things that happen later on, but i dont remember them untill they happen and then everything looks so familiar and i can sometimes tell what happens next. also i have a tendancy to write songs that havnt come out yet, and then when i hear them they are almost exact to what i write. i also can read people like an open book, i almost always get everything right, it happens so much that people tink i cheat. and i can predict a lot of the time what people are about to say/text. also it takes me forever to really figure out and seehat people look like, im talkinglike years.
please please please help me. its really starting to freak me out. people say im crazy but then i look up the "syptoms" of psychics and i have a lot of them. i am sooooo confused, i jut really really dont understand it and i need help.
and please dont be rude pains in the rats bootay, ok? i have enough issues, i dont need more.
k, thanks 🙂


MEGA MEGAN Answered:
i think it is just like reading mines if you are scared of it talk to your doctor i used to have that same thing happen to me when i was 6 it will go away soon don't worry i hope it helps
Katie Leisegang Answered:
The exact same stuff happens to me.. I went to see a spiritual psychologist because of this. She said nothing is wrong with me and I'm just in touch with deeper things that others cannot see yet.
Don't be freaked out because this is a talent, and nothing to be scared about:).. If my answer, along with others' answers does not help, I suggest you also go to a spiritual psychologist. It helped me so much and I am no longer scared, I actually cherish my ability and am proud of it:).

Hope I Helped and Good Luck;) xxx

Katie Answered:
Im bi-polar and I use to be like that before I took my lithium and lamictol and ambilify. I'm kinda crazy 🙂

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