When will I have my first boyfriend?

I love To Tap Asked: When will I have my first boyfriend?

Where will i be? how old will I be? how long will it last? Psychics only please!


Jhgh Ghf Answered:
No such thing.
Andres Answered:
You will meet him at school. Roughly the end of your middle school/ beginning of your highschool. Sadly it will not last long and he will turn out to be a jerk.
Have a good night m'am!
Chloe Answered:
I know you said psychics only but I don't think you should want to find out. You first relationship is so much more meaningful and memorable when you're not expecting it to happen.
anikaa Answered:
Your first boyfriend will be 15 years old, and black. He will be 6'2 high and hang about 10 inches down.
He will be bald at first and eventually have dread locks and rather muscular. He will also be a convicted felon for stealing your heart… and selling it to the "black market."
Satanist Answered:
…it turns out ur lesbian
ur first girlfriend will meet you at a bowling alley on your 18th birthday
Joe The Producer Answered:
Phycics cant tell you this on yahoo, itll happen when you find someone but if you want to know go to a fortube teller
Taytay Answered:
Everyones different, and theres no possible way to tell when someone will find someone else romantically

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