Do you believe in psychics?

HImynameissss Asked: Do you believe in psychics?

Studies show that 1/3 of police departments use these so-called psychics to solve crime and pay them absurd amounts of money.


Roman Answered:
Never have…never will.

Sonic Answered:
Psychics are of the devil.

That Guy Answered:
Links to the studies, please. I don't believe that.

smith smith Answered:
I believe in physics

Just As Planned Answered:
I believe in physics.

Me Answered:
No I don't.
I used to. Sylvia Brown helped the police department solve
crimes (supposedly) but she was found to be a fraud after years.

since then, I don't believe. 🙂

me myself and i Answered:

Shannon Taylor Answered:

bwmorency4 Answered:
Most of them are frauds, but there could be real ones out there.

Who really knows?

no. most of them are frauds….shows how reliable our government is xp

Bunge Answered:
i'm a psycho 😀

Here is the problem I have with psychics: If they were really psychic then shouldn't they already know what you are going to ask them. Shouldn't they be able to answer your questions before you even open your mouth.

Taylor Answered:
-Not unless They're Psychotic !;)

Joseph the Second Answered:
Yes I do…I am part physic (one of my relatives was the real deal and I took after her a little and sometimes can guess what people are going to say and who is calling me without even picking up the phone)…..some actual physics can predict the future/past/etc pretty accurately….>_>….but most are B.S. lol and are usually fraud…the only one I believe in is Chip Coffee…he is pretty good lol and he had an AWESOME name lol XP

Mystery Girl Answered:
I suppose it is possible, but I wouldn't ever call a psychic hotline or visit a psychic shop. I think too many people just want to make a buck off a desperate hurting person. That doesn't mean it isn't possible that somebody out there is psychic.

Now I know this isn't part of your question but I want to respond to the person who answered that their problem with psychics is that they should know the question before it is asked. Sure most or all psychic are fake, but if there is real psychic abilities I don't think it would be that they really see or know all things before they happen. I think it would be more emotion based. Maybe they see somethings based off of emotions. Maybe questions you ask sometimes, they get an answer sometimes they don't. Like any other skill sometimes you fail sometimes you don't even if you are the best at what you do you aren't going to be perfect all the time.

Casey King Answered:

Richard Burton Answered:
I believe some people have psychic abilities but never heard police departments using them to solve crimes.

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