Help with tarot cards meaning please?

stripes Asked: Help with tarot cards meaning please?

I found this soulmate tarot spread and decided to try it out – I was pleased with the results, but a little confused as how to interpret some cards. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Tarot Deck: Morgan Greer/No Reversals

"About my Soulmate"

Positions (don't really know how these work so far, still trying to learn about spreads and positions)


1.Have I found my Soulmate?
8 OF WANDS – This is probably telling me is a positive card (I like it a lot), but it's a "fast" card, however those wands can represent cupid's arrows, so maybe I have already been shot w/ them?

2.How will I Know?
PAGE OF CUPS – Possibly a childhood crush of some sort or I will receive a "love letter". Sounds exciting!

3. What would make me Disbelieve?
6 OF CUPS – Possibly too young???? I'm not sure how to interpret this one..I know it has something to do with kids/childhood..or an ex? (*help please*)

4. What would make me Believe?
QUEEN OF SWORDS – Truth/honesty..someone will assure me of it..possibly a psychic?

5.What of this person being my Twin Soul?
5 OF CUPS – We share the same 'disappointments' in life ? (help?)

Thanks in advance for your answers!!


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