Psychic Needed- Can you give me next week’s winning powerball numbers?

I changed my name Asked: Psychic Needed- Can you give me next week’s winning powerball numbers?

Okay seriously though: I don't know if psychics are real, but I can't discount that they are. So I just want to test your accuracy: can you tell me something about myself that only someone who's acquainted with me would know? Please?

Oh, and another question: Not to sound like an a$$, but why don't psychics win the lottery all the time? Is there some kind of "psychic manual of ethics" or is that just something that nobody can predict?


Evil Eye Answered:
Yes sure can . I will be in touch in 2 weeks with them just for you.

Bunny button Answered:
hahaha LOL.. if they knew I don't think they'd tel you. I'm sure they'd like to have a millon smackers too.

RyRy Answered:

Your name has at least one vowel in it, and one consonant at least. The vowel is probably a, e, i, or o.
You have two biological parents. And four biological grandparents. You have at least one sibling.

Jen Answered:
If all psychics knew the number they would all be rich by now. I don't think so try you're favorite numbers. Or quick picks.

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