What percentage of people give money to a psychic for "cleansing"..?? Anyone else been in my shoes?

Sonya Asked: What percentage of people give money to a psychic for "cleansing"..?? Anyone else been in my shoes?

Not all psychics are full of it. there are people with more sophisticated talents around… however, NEVER trust a psychic that wants money in exchange for a service, they're NOT SUPPOSED to charge!! Psychic charging money = RIPOFF!!


Joking Jesus Answered:
Not me… but thanks for asking. By the way, the reason it didn't work is your obsessiveness.

Atheism Fails Again Answered:
Psychics? Really?Get yourself together.

Tell Me Why Answered:
Sweety I believe the BEST thing to do would be to pray. I know it may be hard for you right now.. but someone ALWAYS loves you.

Samuel Morphis Answered:
Psychics only tell you things that you already know, not very helpful.

Nvrgvup Answered:
Here's some good advice. Firstly, you are normal, everyone has these feelings. It's called life.
However, when we think of ourselves constantly, consult spiritualists, read tea leaves and charts, we are open to fear and depression.
The best way to get a good life is to focus on others, be a helper, a volunteer, and forget yourself.

Richard Lennox Answered:

Watch this video and see that it seems to know your thoughts

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