im in need of help. men read women also. does he love me?

Ashley Harris Asked: im in need of help. men read women also. does he love me?

okay weve been together for about 3 months now. about 1 month ago we fell off.. we were on the edge of breaking up.. but i talked to him and told him how i felt and we stayed together.. isaid we need to trust each other… i put my trust in him but i still dont believe he trust me. his last relationship last 5 years then she cheated. ibelieve he thinks im gonna do the same. i told him plenty times iwont hurt him. last time he said i im wondering does he trust me a little now… im sure if i didnt put my trust in him we wouldnt be together today.. iwas driving myself crazy…thinking he was cheating on me..i let that go… everynight we fall asleep on the phone.. sometimes the phone hangs up he calls me bck and we fall back to sleep. ithink thats cute. im 17 and hes 20..he wants me to have his child..a few days ago we tried but im on BC im not sure if im pregnant or what..if not next time it might work cause i stopped the pill today.. every time were on the phone he tells me he loves me quite a few times.MY ''psychic'' cousin said he has a bad vibe about my BF and that if i have his child he wont support us ..hell eventually leave… before i talked to him about that ..i felt good about it…that he would take care of us. but ever since i talked to my cousin doubting my feelings. i dont know if my cousin is really psychic ..he may be but what if hes wrong about that bad vibe hes getting? i love my BF very much and i dont want to lose him!! from what i said do you think he loves me?? and should i listen to what my cousin says??


Wascally Wabbit Answered:
listen to yourself

Betty Blueberry Answered:
You know what? You need to take charge of you – you are your best counsel of advice – not
the demented crew of y/a.

Mythical Tales Answered:
Listen, there is proof that sixth sense (meaning seeing into the future, and some form of a global human connection) exists. I do not judge you, but we have no proof, and can't go off of our gut instincts with something like "the world may end". So! What we need to do is analyze the world.

For one there are 7 billion and counting humans living on Earth consuming 1.3 years worth of things every year (meaning what takes a year to replenish, we're consuming it at 1.3 years per year). I don't see how something big WON'T happen.

I'm not worried. What is life anyways? We have no idea what happens afterwards, nor do we know if life is reality. We can get very philosophical, but death does not frighten me. Earth may be better off without so many humans anyways.

Mark Lucas Answered:
There's a LOT of earthly changes due to occur on this planet. On the surface, yes, it could and will seem to be devastating, when taken from a human perspective. But when taken from the view of the Infinite, these changes are absolutely necessary to allow us to evolve from the ashes like the legendary phoenix.

The density of negative man made energies on this planet has to be cracked open and dissolved, transmuted into Light and Love if this earth is to succeed in the next stage of its journey. In order to do this, there will be human loss on a huge scale. Which is fine, because we are immortal.

Kyl Answered:
Big things are always cumming 😉

Deidara Answered:
I think you've been playing Call of Duty Zombies and Resident Evil and watching I Am Legend and 28 Days Later and others. Go outside and get some air. And learn to read categories correctly.
By the way, the downhill part of a roller coaster is the best, and the climb is the worst.

Amanda Answered:
Same here. Like, every time I try to picture myself in 5-10 years from now, I can't see anything. It's like my mind is trying to tell me that I won't get the chance to be there. What is happening now is climate change. It's a natural process but human activities, like pollution, are speeding it up. The process of climate change involved various and numerous natural disasters and unpredictable weather. There is also a Solar storm coming in 2013, it could be earlier since the sun's rays are unpredictable. But a solar storm causes a black out for maybe weeks. It could even black out a whole continent. The Ozone layer is slowly breaking out because of us, without it, live will not be able to exist because it shields us from the UV rays. There is already a hole in Antarcia, which is causing the south pole ice to melt faster. This is a bad thing because the sea level will rise dramatically.

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