Please Rate My Pokemon White Team?

symmo95 Asked: Please Rate My Pokemon White Team?

I am about to take on the Elite Four and I'm considering some changes to movesets or even the pokemon themselves. Here's what I've got:

Fire: Heatmor (My favorite fire type) Level 51
Ability: White Smoke (Dream World)
– Flame Blast
– Focus Blast
– ???
– ???

Water/Ghost: Jellicent (Male, female looks horrible) Level 49
Ability: Cursed Body
– Scald
– Hex (If Scald leaves a burn)
– Ice Beam
– Recover

Grass: Whimsicott Level 52
Ability: Infiltrator
– Energy Ball
– Hurricane
– Psychic
– Cotton Guard

Dark/Fighting: Scrafty (I need a Dark and Fighting type and Scrafty covers both allowing an extra pokemon of my choice) Level 49
Ability: Moxie
– Crunch
– Hi Jump Kick
– Smack Down
– Bulk Up

Bug: Accelgor Level 48
Ability: Hydration
– Bug Buzz
– Venoshock
– Toxic
– Guard Swap

Rock: Gigalith Level 55
Ability: Sand Force (Dream World)
– Stone Edge
– Earthquake
– Giga Impact
– Sandstorm

Feel free to critique them and suggest replacements and moveset but don't say anything stupid such as a team of Magikarp. I was thinking of replacing Jellicent with Carracosta or such plus I don't want any starters they are all bad.


Bruno Aleixo Answered:
heatmor. great choice! He is one of the if not the best fire type pokemon on the game!! for the moveset you can add flamethrower and bug bite!

jellicent-yeah female one is horrible! but he is a great pokemon and has perfect moveset!

wisshmicott- now that i would cut!! try other grass type pokemon like ferroseed leavany etc

scrafty is a great choice cause he has good moveset and good type combination!

accelgor is good! i shall not say more

gigalith great pokemon. better rock pokemon in the game. great moveset

so overral i would say 9.5/10

the team itself is good with the exception of wishmicott and accelgor!

replace wissmicott with leavanny wich is grass and bug type and make the work of wishmicott and accelgor! then replace accelgor with a ghost type like golurk or a dragon type like hydreigon

hope it works!

Poke Fan Answered:
I like it! I would give it about an 9.5 out of 10. As for Heatmor (Good choice, by the way!) I would teach it Flamethrower and Inferno and I would not replace Jellicent with Carracosta because then you will have two rock type pokemon and that may be a problem when facing Marshall of the Elite Four because he has a team of fighting type pokemon. I would raise Jellicent's speed stats high or give it a Quick Claw so you can use it against Shauntal of the Elite Four and her ghost type pokemon. Same with Scrafty because of Elite Four Grimsley and his dark type pokemon. Elite Four Caitlin and her psychic type pokemon can easily be beat with Jellicent, Accelgor, and Scrafty. That's just a little advice if you never have faced the Unova Elite Four. Thanks and Good Luck!!!

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