Why do I always know when my ex is thinking of me? Ps yes I believe in psychics and know some people

Sarah H Asked: Why do I always know when my ex is thinking of me? Ps yes I believe in psychics and know some people

Myself included sometimes just know things. For ex I had a dream he was going to contact me and want to talk and see me after not seeing him for 9 months. I have other confirmations like this that prove I know when he is thinking of me. Does this mean he is thinking about getting back together with me or what?


PsychicYogini Answered:
Naw it's a connection call imprinting! It's a psychic thing. I accidentally imprinted with my best friend Steve who is a really sexy dude but he is my best friend. When I want him to call me I think about him and with in 5 to 10 minutes he always do. It still creeps him out to this day.

Kirsten Anderson Answered:
A lot of dreams are about wish fulfillment. So Freud said. You are a fan and you are dreaming about meeting him. Nothing strange there. I used to dream about meeting pop stars all the time when I was young. I don't think it means anything so I wouldn't get too excited. Also, just about every teenage girl thinks they are psychic. Everyone has those experiences you describe. I had a dream my uncle was going to die the week before he did. He was healthy and 36 years old at the time.Died in his sleep.Does that make me psychic? Perhaps. Does that make me believe that I'm going to get it on with Tony Blair after I dream about him too? No. Some things are just not meant to be taken too seriously. This is one of them.

Megan Answered:
Dreammoods.com Search everything you can remember and a lot of people dream about celebrities (especially jb) for some reason I've been starting to like justin bieber more too soo your not the only one(:

Sammi Answered:
He's just a guy no big deal he ain't anything special. your way obssessing. Sorry to say it but yeah.

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