Thoughts on Television Show "Sensing Murder"?

marcie m Asked: Thoughts on Television Show "Sensing Murder"?

Please answer the following Questions about the TV Show "Sensing Murder" and number your responses in regard to the question:

Question 1: In what ways are psychic investigators, as part of the television show Sensing Murder regarded in terms of their abilities?

Question 2: Do you believe what is happening on the show or are you skeptical of the show and its psychics abilities and why?

Question 3: Does the way in which the show is presented, provide you with a different way of viewing spirituality?

Your answers are greatly appreciated and will remain anonymous for the purpose of my research
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Steve Anderson Answered:
Not everyone has laitent psychic ability. Do you think you do? I might have an oppertunity for you.

RGR Answered:
No,it's pure fiction
Have a good day.




pryde Answered:
if you have taken any dresses to the storage you may wanna try looking in them

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