Is my pokemon xd team good?

alyxx Asked: Is my pokemon xd team good?

I only have to battle eldes then greevil I just need to know if my team is good…

Jolteon Lv. 49
Attacks: thunder wave, thunderbolt, double kick, bite

Houndoom Lv. 46
Attacks: faint attack, flamethrower, bite, ember

Cloyster Lv. 44
Attacks: spike cannon, surf, ice beam, aurora beam

Gardevior Lv. 41
Attacks: future sight, sing, psychic, confusion

Nuzleaf Lv. 40 (I might be switching with shadow electabuzz)
Attacks: giga drain, razor wind, faint attack, shadow ball

Altaria Lv. 42
Attacks: dragon breath, solar beam, aerial ace, refresh


rhys chalhal Answered:
Yeeah good. I beat the game already. now working on Colleseum. Might wanna evolve nuzleaf with the leaf stone.

Claire Answered:
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