Do you know this tv show?

Anna464 Asked: Do you know this tv show?

I remember it since I was a kid so this might not be accurate:

The show is about a girl (posebly a princess) who is suppost to be looking for these (energy)crystals. She has this dog with her that can sprout wings or a (fish)tail for each occasion. (Remember when the dog ran into a cat-fish and they had a little chase)
If I remember right there was a witch-like woman on the girls trail after the crystals for her master.
The girl might also have had some sort of a psychic link to some sort of a whale.

If you know this show plz tell me it's name.
Thank you


I should be doing something else Answered:
I do believe that people CAN have this gift, but the majority of 'psychics' out there are complete and utter charlatans.

Twice I've had a 'reading' – just for fun, and both times I've been told complete and utter claptrap!

GUNTER Answered:
Stay away (Deut. 18). Best advice from Almighty God Jehovah Himself, He should know! Look what happened to king Saul with the witch of Endor.
Kind regards, Gnter

R T Answered:
Excuse me ,l need to sneeze,Bahlsheets. What was your question again?

Dianne Answered:
They pray on the unhappy and the bereaved. They should be arrested for fraud if they take money for their 'services'

Vincent G Answered:
You'd get the same sympathy from the barman at your local pub. And you have access to a drink.

Mediums and psychics are crooks. They are either delusional, or dishonest; but usually they should know enough to realize that they do NOT have any kind of occult power, so they are most likely dishonest.

shonei Answered:
I think they are charlatans who prey on the feelings of weak people(I don't mean that in a bad way,I mean people who have lost family members etc etc)

Papanda1995 Answered:
I wouldn't say there's necessarily any harm in dabbling in the occult, because to me, as an atheist, I don't believe that the occult actually does anything.That being said, there are a number of swindlers out there who do rip people off by pretending to tell their futures, etc.But even those who genuinely believe that they have some sort of psychic powers are no less swindling people because, in reality, they have no such power.

Look up "Forer Effect" sometime and you'll get a good idea of how psychic powers really work — the alleged accuracy of psychics are mostly an effect of people's tendency to remember "hits" and overlook "misses."

J C Answered:
i feel it is possible for one to by psychic but i do not believe that there are many true psychics in that most persons tend not to exercise that part of their brain…

i absolutely do not believe in mediums and their so called ability to contact the dead…
1) if one dies and goes to heaven, then their soul would be gone, ergo how would you contact a person who is in heaven?
2) if there is no heaven, the body becomes something else, be it maggots, another life form etc… so how could one contact the soul of something that has become something else? that would interfere with its progress of evolution to another life form…
3) if people were able to contact each other after 'death' then they should be able to have found a way to prevent their death, or make themselves able to be reborn again as another human…

Deja Vu Answered:
theyre swindlers.they make money off of selling happy lies to the desperate and detached. they string em along too

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